Red&Blue Lab 05

Resilient Delta hosted the fifth Lab of the RED & BLUE program at their office in Rotterdam. The event opened up with an early afternoon session, the Resilient Delta team initiated the proceedings with a warm round of introductions and the atmosphere quickly evolved into a friendly and collaborative space. As the afternoon progressed, participants explored the essence of the Resilient Delta initiative and the Merwevierhaven Development, gaining valuable insights into the visionary projects shaping the area’s future. The early afternoon program culminated in an enlightening walk around the Merwevierhaven, providing a tangible experience of the discussed development plans.

Transitioning into the late afternoon program, the focus shifted to discussions on research and progress within the work packages. Work package 7 led the communication and engagement analysis, bringing to light nuanced insights into the challenges inherent in multidisciplinary and expansive projects, both within the organization and its broader network.

The day proved to be productive, fostering the establishment of new connections and serving as a crucible for mutual inspiration. As the event drew to a close, the resonance of shared knowledge and shared purpose lingered, promising a ripple effect of positive outcomes in the ongoing journey of Resilient Delta and Red & Blue.

After the afternoon sessions, participants travel together to the event ‘Too Risky to Build’ which took place during the evening. More information about the event can be found here.




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