The Red&Blue consortium represents over 50 academic, public and private organizations with a large diversity of relevant expertise.

We believe we need transdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration to tackle multifaceted challenges related to real estate and infrastructure climate risk management. Building on a co-creation process that started in the early 2020, the consortium has been developed involving over 50 representatives from key professional and academic organizations active in the fields of area development, real estate finance, climate risk assessment, infrastructure design, and spatial planning, law and governance.

Hence, the experts involved in Red&Blue represent both the public and private sectors as well as important scales and types of expertise and responsibility. This includes, for example, different sectors ranging from business (e.g., real estate and pension investors, bank, insurers, housing association, consulting firms), government (at local, regional, and national level), knowledge institutes (e.g., universities, research institutes, knowledge initiative), and civil society (e.g., association and foundation).

Coordination Team Institution
Ellen van Bueren
(Project Lead & Main Applicant)
Delft University of Technology
Marc Boonstra
(Project Manager)
Delft University of Technology
Zac Taylor
Delft University of Technology
Resilient Delta
Tom Daamen
Delft University of Technology
Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG)
Abdi Mehvar
(Postdoctoral Researcher)
Delft University of Technology
Arthur Verwayen
Delft University of Technology
Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG)
Advisory CommitteeInstitution
Winston Chow Singapore Management University
Lisette van DoornUrban Land Institute Europe
Marjolijn HaasnootDeltares
Utrecht University
Mark SiezenBouwinvest Real Estate Investors
Jesse KeenanTulane University
Eveline van LeeuwenAMS Institute
Wageningen University & Research
Henk OvinkKingdom of the Netherlands
Co VerdaasDelft University of Technology
Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG)
Nils KokMaastricht University
Piet EichholtzMaastricht University
Zac TaylorDelft University of Technology
Resilient Delta
Art DewulfWageningen University & Research
Wieke PotWageningen University & Research
Marleen van RijswickUtrecht University
Frank GroothuijseUtrecht University
Jeroen AertsVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Hans de MoelVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Toon HaerVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tina ComesMaastricht University
Delft University of Technology
Marco HoogvlietDeltares
Martine van den BoomenDelft University of Technology
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Matthijs KokDelft University of Technology
Tom DaamenDelft University of Technology
Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG)
Catholijn JonkerDelft University of Technology
Pradeep MurukannaiahDelft University of Technology
Gerben MolAMS Institute
Harriet KosResilience City
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mara LammerdinHogeschool Rotterdam
Anabel MendezHogeschool Rotterdam
Andreas BurzelHogeschool Rotterdam
Paul GerretsenDeltametropool
Alankrita SarkarDeltametropool
Samuel HartmanDeltametropool
Postdoctoral ResearchersUniversity
Dongxiao NiuMaastricht University
Lilian van KarnenbeekUtrecht University
Ties RijckenDelft University of Technology
Abdi MehvarDelft University of Technology
Audrey EstebanDelft University of Technology
Maged ElsamnyDelft University of Technology
PhD CandidatesUniversity
Mats Lucia BayerDelft University of Technology
Richard PompoesUtrecht University
Maria Fonseca CerdaVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tony HungMaastricht University
Cees OerlemansDelft University of Technology
Consortium partners
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