November 2023

Red&Blue Lab 08

The 8th Red&Blue lab was hosted by WP2 in Utrecht. Researchers from all work packages came together to share insights from recent research and publications and to explore serious gaming as a research method. 
All Day
Utrecht University
Janskerkhof 15A, 3512 BL, Utrecht
The Greater Rotterdam Living Lab (GRLL) Team kick-started their series of workshops and discussions on the urban use cases in Rotterdam and Dordrecht called the ‘kennis carousels’. The aim is to bring the work packages under the RED&BLUE project closer to the cities in general and the urban use cases in particular. The GRLL currently has four urban use cases which fall under two thematic areas, (1) new developments - Merwevierhaven (Rotterdam) and Maasterras (Dordrecht); and (2) land subsidence - Bloemhof (Rotterdam) and 19th century ring (Dordrecht). The kennis carousels are meant to be rounds of discussions and interactions with the stakeholders of the GRLL, where each carousel will focus on thematic areas and/or specific urban use cases. This is meant to be an interactive activity between and among stakeholders of the GRLL where we can all learn from each other and at the same time find ways of working together.
All Day
Stadskantoor Dordrecht
September 2023

Red&Blue Annual Symposium

On Friday 8th of September, the second Annual Symposium of the Red&Blue project took place in the headquarters of Waternet in Amsterdam, hosted by Waternet AGV and co-led by VU Amsterdam. The consortium members enjoyed the amazing view of the Amstel River and the skyline of Amsterdam, while catching up during the walk-in, coffee and lunch breaks, and of course later at the closing ‘borrel’.
All Day
Waternet AVG
Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 7, 1096 AC Amsterdam
June 2023

Red&Blue Lab 05

The 5th Red&Blue lab was hosted by Resilient Delta in Rotterdam. The day proved to be productive, fostering the establishment of new connections and serving as a crucible for mutual inspiration. As the event drew to a close, the resonance of shared knowledge and shared purpose lingered, promising a ripple effect of positive outcomes in the ongoing journey of Resilient Delta and Red & Blue.
All Day
April 2023

Red&Blue Lab 04

The 4th Red&Blue lab was hosted in the city of Dordrecht. Besides sharing updates and reflecting on current research efforts in the work packages, the main focus of this lab was on the challenges the city of Dordrecht faces in the context of climate adaptation and real estate development.
All Day
Stadskantoor Dordrecht
March 2023

Red&Blue Lab 03

Vereniging Deltametropool organized the third Lab of the RED & BLUE program at the HNI-Institute in Rotterdam. Besides discussions on the research being conducted in the work packages, the main focus points of this Lab were on the external stakeholders and when and how to involve them.
All Day
Vereniging Deltametropool
Museumpark 25 Rotterdam

Red&Blue Focal Point Meeting

With these regularly expert meetings focused on various Red&Blue thematic areas, consortium members are participating for deeper discussion, research validation, and collaboration. Scientific leads will convene each Focal Point Meeting with input from societal partners, and through collaboration between workpackage teams where appropriate, given the interdisciplinary scope of several Research Focal Points.
All Day
La Guardiaweg 4 Amsterdam
February 2023

Red&Blue Lab 02

The second RED & BLUE lab was hosted by and held at the AMS Institute in Amsterdam. This was the second edition of a monthly ‘Lab’ meeting that is organized to enhance group spirit, keep up to date on each other’s work, find mutual synergies and to discuss overarching themes such as which stakeholders to involve.
All Day
AMS Institute
Kattenburgerstraat 5 Amsterdam
January 2023

Red&Blue Lab 01

This monthly whole-day event has been programmed to bring together all Red&Blue PhDs and Postdocs working on different Red&Blue related disciplines within the Work Packages. During these days the researchers share their insights, research updates and exchange knowledge with each other. Throughout the year the Labs are alternately hosted by the involved universities and academic institutes. Also different site-visits, presentations from societal partners or experts from both research and practice are on a regular basis part of these Labs.
All Day
TU Delft Faculty of Architecture
Julianalaan 134 Delft
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