Red&Blue Lab 09

The 9th Lab of Red&Blue convened at the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management in The Hague. Researchers of the Red&Blue program came together to discuss national developments with regard to the guiding principle of water and soil conditions, Red&Blue research updates and Red&Blue communication tools and stakeholder engagement. Commencing with an invigorating lecture by Wieke Tas, attendees delved into the Ministry’s impactful initiatives, particularly emphasizing the principle that water and soil conditions should guide future spatial developments (Water en Bodem Sturend principe). Following a concise overview of the Red&Blue program, participants engaged in a stimulating discourse on the nexus of climate change and spatial development within the Netherlands.

Transitioning to the afternoon session, the venue shifted to the TU Delft | The Hague location, where a comprehensive round of research updates from all seven Work Packages (WPs) was presented. Amidst this exchange of knowledge, a reflective workshop led by Vereniging Deltametropool delved into the communication tools employed by Red&Blue, fostering introspection and refinement. Subsequently, a second workshop centred on stakeholder engagement facilitated further exploration and collaboration, encapsulating the spirit of collective endeavour and innovation.




All Day


Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat
Rijnstraat 8
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